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Official FAA Accident Report on Sonex Waiex Accident in New Smyrna Bch., FLORIDA, USA on 2/8/2008

The air crash with the Sonex Waiex happened on 2/8/2008 at 1146 in New Smyrna Bch., FLORIDA, USA, causing Substantial damage to the Airplane. More details on the accident below:

  • Date/Time: 2/8/2008 at 1146 Eastern Standard Time
  • Location: New Smyrna Bch., FLORIDA, USA
  • Aircraft: Airplane
  • Make/Model: Sonex Waiex
  • Damage: Substantial
  • Injuries: N/A
  • Cause: During takeoff with a crosswind from the left side of the airplane, the pilot of an amateur built, tailwheel equipped, Waiex held "left aileron into the wind." The left wing then "lifted up," the airplane veered to the left, and the pilot reduced eng (more)
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